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Discord Nitro Price! The annual subscription fee, converted into rubles, is approximately US$3,200. The average salary in my area is 180-20 thousand per month. No, I neither complain nor try to arouse mercy. What I want to point out is that your chances of getting support will decrease because people cannot afford that kind of money. Of course, I don’t regret buying myself a game equivalent to GTA5 or RE2 once a year, but they cost 2,000 rubles in our steam room.

Technical support sent me to write this article on Discord Nitro Price and wrote a suggestion to stabilize the cost of the annual subscription at 2000 rubles (for subscriptions that do not have access to the game). Believe me, this will increase the number of subscribers, because even in my Among my friends, if the price is suitable for our region, there are many people who are willing to provide you with support.

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Discord Nitro Price

Give us a chance to support you, we support you!

(Well, yes, throw stones at me and your imperfections, I just express the opinion of most people. I am not interested in politics and currency fluctuations. I just want my friends to have the opportunity to purchase the subscription we are used to to be reasonable the cost of).

If the Discord store (Discord Nitro Price) has a regional price, it will get more money from Russia (and CIS countries).
He explained: If this game sells for $3,200, almost no one will buy it. If the game sells for 2,000 people, you can buy it. So it’s best if the store implements a 2000 rubles game and gets 2000 rubles, because if the game price is 3,200 rubles, no one will buy it (or almost no one will buy it).
So if there are regional prices, the store will make more profits in this area.

Most Russian civilians (unfortunately) only receive 18-25 kilograms of rubles per month, 50% of this money is used for collective payments (electricity, water, gas, etc.), and some money is used for food. Some cash is used for transportation. So people can get very little “free money”, so people will not buy anything that costs too much, they will only prefer another platform, which will bring us better prices.
nor. This is not a “we are lazy, we have a little push” complaint, no. Alas, the social policies of the CIS countries are almost entirely anti-social, because most civilians have 180-20,000 per month, while politicians have 1.5-200,000. think about it.

Sorry for bad English, I don’t use Google Translate, because if I use it, the result will be worse
Thank you.

For people living in Turkey, I find it better to combine the subscription fees of Discord Nitro Price, Netflix and Spotify because they have regional rates and provide more content for what I pay. I like to support disputes and use them Services, but this makes it more difficult for them to make money, and we Turks (or anyone else who is trying to pay $9.99) seek support because I don’t see anyone around me paying that money, even if they Want to help and like this app.

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