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Discord Nitro Perks

Discord Nitro Perks offers the perfect set of benefits for tricking your server. Salad users request thousands of Nitro and Nitro Classic subscriptions each month to unlock perks such as personalized emojis, animated notifications, and high-quality voice chat for their next tour. Find out what you get when you get a monthly subscription.

What is Discord Nitro?

In 2017, Discord introduced a subscription benefit package called Discord Nitro. The basic Discord experience remains free, but fans can now get the coveted upgrades in minutes a month, including custom emojis, animated avatars, and increased file upload sizes.

These optional upgrades helped keep the business alive and made Discord an indispensable tool today. Thanks to the success of this promotion, Nitro has evolved into two separate subscriptions that offer different benefits.

Discord Nitro Perks
Discord Nitro Perks

Discord Nitro Classic

Nitro Classic is the successor to this first product. Now that custom emojis have become standard, this subscription unlocks DIY smileys for use on DMs and participating servers. In addition to increased file limits (50MB) and support for Avis GIFs, Classic also offers the following additional benefits:

  • Higher quality screen sharing (720p at 60fps) / (1080p at 30fps)
  • Improved GoLive streaming quality (1080p to 60pfs)
  • Nitro Badge (to show the status of large spenders on the L33T)
  • Customizable alphanumeric username tag (during subscription period)

Discord Nitro

The new and improved Discord Nitro offers all the basic perks like the Nitro Classic and packs power! This subroutine provides monetized file downloads (100MB), source-quality HD Go Live streaming, and double server acceleration to transfer to your favorite community. It also doubles the server limit to 200 and increases the message size to 4000 characters.

Server Boost

The new and improved Discord Nitro offers all the basic perks like the Nitro Classic and packs power! This subroutine

Server boost is optional. Inject luck and speed up your favorite server. Members can apply their purchased benefits to any of the participating servers to share their wealth with everyone.

If a few people join in to reach the next boost, the premium perks will only increase. Each reward set has a previous upgrade to enhance your favorite Hangouts. With just two boosts, you can get enough compression on your vocal channels and hear your friends yell at you with very clear quality.

To get started, here are all the useful QRDs to unlock for each new level:

HIGHER-Level 1 (2boost)

  • +50 Emoji slots (100 in total)
  • 128kBps audio over voice and call channels
  • Improved Go streaming quality (720p @ 60fps)
  • Custom background for server invitations
  • Animated waiter icon

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